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GS8208 Pixel - Double Data Wire - 12V

GS8208 Pixel - Double Data Wire - 12V

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GS8208 (4-Pin Connector) exchangers available to convert over to xConnect or Ray-Wu


GS8208 is a type of individually addressable RGB LED pixel, often used in LED strip lighting and other lighting applications. The GS8208 typically follows a specific pixel protocol to control the color and brightness of each individual LED
These do work on the WS2811 Protocol. Please note that they are 4 Wire(This includes a double data wire). Data is a primary failure for pixels so this will allow data to continue to flow downstream if (1) the data wire is cut or malfunctions within any given section.

Voltage: 12V
Light Method: BGR
30000-hour life expectation
Power: .06 Watts / Pixel
Max Amp: 3.85
Wire Size: 18AWG - 4 Pin
Suggested running no more than 200 lights before power injection is used.

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