About Us

Welcome to Pixel Now. Pixel Now specializes in the hobbyist world of custom lighting. Pixel Now supplies Professional Grade Christmas Lights. Here you can shop for LED Christmas lights and RGB Christmas tree products. We also stock items such as RGB Flood Lights, Power Wire, Controller building products, and more. Everything that you need to start working xlights, a Christmas Light show to music, or any custom light show. Pixel-Now was started as a passion for lights and the joys it brought others and my family. I decided why not create a small business out of it to help keep my show growing as well as other hobbyist products readily available for purchase. We take pride in being one of the most competitively priced vendors on the market. We also understand that this hobby can lead you to some sketchy people so we hope you find trust in us and our products and decide to try us soon! 

Happy Lighting! - Robert Gleich