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12v Matrix Panels

12v Matrix Panels

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Looking to take your light show to the next level? Mattos Designs exclusive Matrix Panels make building your own Matrix a snap. Lightweight, Low-Profile design allows these special Matrix Panels to be installed directly on most garage doors, or use them on walls, roofs, around trees, or wherever. The possibilities are endless! Each Matrix Panel uses a 2" spacing grid and measures in at 16" x 74". These panels can be installed vertically or horizontally, and multiple panels can be used together to create the Matrix of your dreams.

Because these Matrix panels use a Low-Profile LED and side exiting wiring design, they can fit through the gap at the top of most modular garage door openings. No need to push pixels, buy special mounting systems, and best of all, you still have full access to your garage! It could not be easier. When the season ends, you can simply roll up your Matrix Panels for convenient storage. Each panel weighs less than 4lbs.


  • Modular System can easily expand for bigger Matrices
  • Mounts to Garage Doors while retaining ability to open and close most garages
  • Great for use on Walls, Roofs, Ground Grids
  • Flexible Design can be wrapped around Trees or other objects
  • Fast Installation
  • Rolls up for easy storage
  • Average Single Door Garage (8' Wide) uses 5-6 Panels
  • Average Double Door Garage (16' Wide) uses 9 Panels
  • Choose from Xconnect, Ray Wu,L.O.R., or DIY LED Express Pigtail 4 to 3 wire
  • Pixels will look different from Picture

    Product Specifications:

    Small: (Window)

    • 8 Pixels x 24 Pixels
    • 16"x 48" Panel Size
    • 2.0" Spacing
    • 192 Pixels per Panel
    • 1 Input per section & 1 Power Input at end of each section

    Medium: (Garage)

    • 8 Pixels x 37 Pixels
    • 16" x 74" Panel Size
    • 2.0" Spacing
    • 296 Pixels Per Panel
    • 1 Input per section & 1 Power Input at end of each section

    Large: (PPD Column Matrix)

    • 8 Pixels x 42 Pixels
    • 16" x 84" Panel Size
    • 2.0" Spacing
    • 336 Pixels per Panel
    • 1 Input per section & 1 Power Input at end of each section

    LED Specifications:

    • 12V DC Voltage
    • WS2815 Protocol
    • 270 Degree 3D Full Color
    • Fire Resistant Epoxy
    • IP68 Rated
    • 4 Wire with Adapter to you Favorite pigtail.
    • 0.24W per led
    • CE, RoHs and FCC Certified
    • 0.323 Sq mm Clear wire
    • Wiring diagram: Negative is marked with a White dash, 12v is marked with Red line

    *U.S. Patent Pending #63351361*

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