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12V Spectra Sphere - 2 pack

12V Spectra Sphere - 2 pack

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The 12V Spectra Sphere is a great addition to any light show. With its durable stake, you can easily install the three sizes of 12", 14" and 16" for different effects. These spheres come with an IP68 Rating, WS2811 Protocol, a 1M input lead pigtail, xConnect / EasyPlug Pigtails, CE, RoHs, and FCC Certification, and 0.323 mm sq black wire. Only 2.88w per Sphere. Installation is easy - just assemble the rubber seal and screw 6 screws.

The negative is marked with a white dashed line.

Mattos Designs Pixels come with a 3-year warranty from purchase date. Changing their original form voids the warranty.


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