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48V ∞Seeds - 1020ct reel

48V ∞Seeds - 1020ct reel

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∞Power , ∞Colors, ∞Runs.

The ∞Technology is a result of countless hours of researches, hard work and our personal on field experience. We listened to a lot of customers feedbacks, and created ∞Lineup for you.

In traditional seeds, each pixel has to lower the supplied 12v to 5v internally for the Led Diodes and the WS2811 IC.

This is achieved using electrical components that are wasting the extra voltage through heat and can lead to strange behaviors, like white turning in pink, when voltage drop occurs.



∞Seeds are using higher voltages combined with a new style of individually addressable series-connected LEDs. Our LEDs are splitting the supplied 48V on 12 LEDs, 
Achieving an ultra low power consumption of only 0.04W/seed at 100% brightness, plus a regulator free, low-heat design.

Stop worrying for thin wires overheating, due to the high current flow. With 48V you can carry more power in your run, while still keeping the same amount of amps as before. The wire and the LEDs operates at a lower temperature, resulting in elongated lifetime of the strand over time. And since they have a constant consumption at whatever color or brightness level, it’s easy for you to tell how much power they will draw at max. No more popping fuses with accidental white or too much high brightness.



Most of the Seed pixel users runs their seeds at 50%  brightness. But they can only reproduce 2.1M colors. 

∞Seeds to 100% brightness reaches the same luminous output as traditional 12v seeds set to 50%. Allowing ∞Seeds to display 8x more colors, with a full 16.8M colors spectrum to play with. Colors are more vivid, shades more natural. We highly recommend to run them at 100% brightness.

And If ∞Seeds at 100% are still too bright for you, you can lower the brightness or combine them with the xLights gamma correction, for getting the best in class colors on your show.



∞Seeds are available in three epoxy finishes, 2/4/6 inch spacing, with Black, Clear or Green Wire.

Milky Epoxy, offers the best 360° effect, with smooth colors and a softer overall effect. 

- Translucent Epoxy, is halfway between milky and clear, still retaining a 360° effect with a brighter front and more vivid colors.

- Clear Epoxy, offers the brightest and shinier look, with sharp colors. more suitable for front facing installations, like props or matrices, or where you want the traditional shiny look. 



With ∞Seeds you can easily maximize the number of LEDs/port on your controller without having to deal with Power injection wires/Power balancing wires, if you don’t want to.

A single strand of 48V ∞Seeds with power only from the beginning of the run can reach:

2” spacing:

~ 936 LEDs - 153ft - 35.65W

4” spacing:

~ 732 LEDs - 240ft - 28.05W 

6” spacing:

~ 540 LEDs - 260ft - 20.7W 

Those numbers can be doubled by adding an end balance point.

In Example for 6” runs:
• 540 LEDs - Power at led 1 (start)
• 1080 LEDs - Power at led 1 (start), power at led 1080(end)

(Actual results may vary based on your setup.)


48V ∞Seeds:

  • DC 48V (40.8V min - 50.4V Max recommended, up to 90V tested.)
  • 12 LEDs/section, each section can be cut.
  • Low power consumption - 0.04W/Led 
  • Standard WS2811 Protocol
  • GRB color order.
  • Longest runs ever on Seed pixels.
  • Individually addressable with series design. 
  • 2” - 4” - 6” spacing options.
  • Black, Clear or Green wire.
  • Upgraded thicker wires design. (0.2 sq. mm)
  • Low heat on wires.
  • Improved colors reproduction.

6 Month Warranty

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