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Dragon™ 8 Output Ready2Run Pixel Controller - PRE-ORDER 2024 P2-

Dragon™ 8 Output Ready2Run Pixel Controller - PRE-ORDER 2024 P2-

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2024 Pre-Order will ship in March 

Welcome to the future of lightshows with the Mattos Designs Dragon 8 Output Pixel Controller.  This controller represents a leap forward in controller technology while shortening setup time and significantly decreasing the learning curve for running your own show.  The Dragon 8 Controller is a ready-to-run solution designed inside a waterproof enclosure and is available with or without 2 waterproof 300W power supplies to drive your 12v pixels. 

The Dragon 8 Controller incorporates ground-breaking technology including Per Port Pixel Counting, which allows the controller to automatically detect and configure how many pixels are attached to each port.  Additionally, all controller configuration can be done from a smartphone, tablet or PC via WiFi or wired connection via a beautiful web user interface.  That means no more dip switches, toggles, jumpers or dials to adjust, making this the simplest yet most powerful consumer level pixel controller on the market.  This is the closest to true Plug-N-Play available today!

In addition to these innovations, the Dragon 8 Controller features the new Mattos Easy Bulkhead, which is a single waterproof connector that splits into 4 xConnect Output leads, reducing the amount of connections required on the controller.  Each pixel port features an auto-resetting fuse, making this a truly hands-off controller perfect for use in areas where you can't easily access the controller due to heights, weather conditions, etc.  It also features 1 Ethernet Port for input from your show player, 4 RJ45 outputs for long range receivers , includes built-in test mode animations, and can seamlessly control up to 10,880 pixels at 40fps, or 21,760 pixels at 20fps.  

The Dragon line of pixel controllers and receivers truly represent the next generation in lightshow technology.

Dragon Ryu 8 Output Pixel Controller -D8

  • 1 Ethernet Port
  • 2 x Mattos Easy Bulkhead 4 port 3-pin xConnect for a total of 8 Outputs
  • Supported protocols: DDP, E1.31, DMX
  • 4 x RJ45 ports for long range receivers
  • 2 Waterproof 300W 12v Power Supplies (optional)
  • For use with 12v pixels
  • Automatic per port pixel counting
  • SD card slot for standalone sequence
  • No physical interface, all configuration is done via your smartphone, tablet or PC over a Wi-Fi or wired connection
  • Beautiful responsive web user interface
  • Remote, over-the-air updates; with ability to roll back to previous firmware versions
  • Each pixel output features an auto-resetting fuse
  • Rich JSON API
  • Built-in test mode animations
  • Seamlessly control up to 10,880 pixels at 40fps, or 21,760 pixels at 20fps.
  • Waterproof enclosure is 100% Made in the United States
  • Genius inside
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