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Mattos Designs LLC

Mattos Designs™ HD Pixel Pushing Jig Set

Mattos Designs™ HD Pixel Pushing Jig Set

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This product is an Aluminum jig used for pushing RGB pixels into mounting strips made by Boscoyo Studios. It is compatible with both heavy-duty and original mounting strips and can be mounted onto a bench or piece of wood through recessed holes. Simply slide the mounting strip through the jig to push pixels at any spacing you desire. This process speeds up the insertion of pixels and saves wear and tear on your thumbs and fingers. The package includes a T-handle pixel pusher designed for 12mm bullet nodes and an 8-inch Boscoyo mounting strip jig. This high-quality jig is the last pusher you will need and may come in blue color.

  • T handle pixel pusher for 12mm bullet nodes
  • 8” Boscoyo mounting strip jig
  • Made of Aluminum 
  • The last pusher you will need. 
  • Blue in color
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