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Meanwell Power Supply

Meanwell Power Supply

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The Mean Well LRS-350-12  and LRS-350-5 is a specific model of power supply manufactured by Mean Well Enterprises Co., Ltd. Mean Well is a reputable Taiwanese company known for producing high-quality power supplies and converters for various industries and applications. The LRS-350-12 is part of the LRS series, which is designed for general-purpose and industrial use.

  1. Efficiency: The LRS-350-12 has a high efficiency rating, typically around 88-90%. This means it converts a large portion of the input power into usable output power while minimizing energy wastage as heat.

  2. Protection Features: It is equipped with various protection features, including overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and short circuit protection. These safeguards help prevent damage to connected devices and the power supply itself in case of electrical faults.

  3. Cooling: The power supply utilizes a built-in, low-noise fan for cooling. This fan helps dissipate heat generated during operation, ensuring stable and reliable performance.

  4. Dimensions: The LRS-350-12 and LRS-350-5 are typically a compact and standard-sized power supply, measuring approximately 215.9mm (8.5 inches) in length, 115mm (4.5 inches) in width, and 30mm (1.2 inches) in height.

  5. Certifications: Mean Well power supplies often come with various safety and compliance certifications, such as UL, CE, and TUV, which ensure that the product meets international standards for safety and quality.

  6. Applications: The Mean Well LRS-350-12 or LRS-350-5 is commonly used in a wide range of applications, including industrial automation, LED lighting, telecommunications, audio and video equipment, and various electronic devices that require a stable and reliable 12V or 5V power source.

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