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Seed-Pebble Lights

Seed-Pebble Lights

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A very versatile string of lights. Can be used to make thin-string mega trees, trimming of windows, and the list goes on.
1000 lights per roll (No attached connector)
Each light is 2" from soldering to soldering (5cm)
String length approximately 166' with transparent wire.
WS2811 and addressable just connect your pigtail of choice and light away
We can do custom options contact us for requests.
3-month warranty on workmanship.

The wiring method is (Positive+, Data, Ground/Negative (-)
Note: Data only flows one way and the Power (+) will be wrapped in a copper wire or marked with a small black dot.  The middle wire is data and the Non-Copper wrapped or NON black dot wire will be Negative/Power (-).
To help determine data flow. The rounded side of the light will be facing up and the flat side will be the bottom. While looking down/bird's-eye view at lights, the copper wrap will be on the left. We are open to questions as you need. Feel free to reach out.

Please understand that seed pixels have less wire per sleeve than standard bullet pixels. This can make replacments patches or splicing tough. With the wire being thinner it is suggested to use caution on bending and folding to keep wire intact. 

Seed Pixels Hold a 3 month factory warranty. 


Further Specs: 

12V or 5V

IP68 Rating

Wire Specs: .11mm  (Aprox 20AWG) 14 strands per section of wire

.288 watt per pixel (8ma max current) 

WS2811 protocol with Epistar chip

 8-Bit RGB parameter

 Material consist of PVC & Copper

 Operating Temp: -68 Degree/F to +140 Degree/F

Storage Temp: -104 Degree / F to + +167 Degree / F

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